gotcha day and journey to china

Well the day is finally here. We leave next week and i am shocked it is finally here. My nerves are starting to get to me. I washed what clothes we bought for him today and got all emotional as I was folding them thinking my little guy will be in these very soon! I have had so many dreams of this day and what it will be like for our Gotcha day. This little boy is being torn from all that he knows and put in my arms I wouldn’t blame him if he screams I sure would. I just pray to god everything will be okay and he can adjust well to us and us to him.  We have prepared for all the scenarios of what it will be like. I just know I will just be trying to keep it together. I have had so many nights of no sleep and still will but that’s okay he will be with me. so for those people who have asked what Gotcha could be like check this video out. I can’t wait!

China Bound!


We got TA (travel approval). My heart and giddiness is so full right now. We leave beginning of April. We also got great news that God has been watching over our boy and the medical problem he has is being handled with his medicine just fine. When god pours blessings he sure pours them a lot. We can’t wait for Grandma Lynn to come and be with our kids and know they are in great hands while we get our guy. China here we come!

Waiting Article 5 pickup

Great news! We just found out they have sent off our DS260 form to Ghuangzhou for Article 5 Pickup.  Then we are TA (Travel Approved) to go to China to pick him up.  They say early april when we will be getting him.  In the meantime we have his bed all set to share with Easton, bought a little clothes but don’t know size still so not a ton.  My friends are throwing me a shower this week I am getting so excited for my little Ty.  I can’t wait to squeeze him (when he lets me at least) baby steps to that.  So close April can’t come sooner.

Meet our newest member

liang-yong-cong-4-17-2016-from-wacap-6 Meet Ty Drechsel Lynn our newest member of the family. One of the happiest days of my life happened on my birthday. I got the email that our sons file was locked and he was officially ours. Doing this adoption is very heart wrenching sometimes and god sure did test my strength.  We were given some other files and one file I got very attached to and was very heartbroken when it didn’t work out.  I was grieving for a child that I desperately wanted to have but knew he wasn’t meant for us.  Little did I know that there was another little boy out there calling his mama waiting for his prayers to be answered so we could come and get him.  Every emotion I saw when I saw him I restrained myself from feeling because of that last child and reserved my heart until that official email on my birthday.  It finally came he is definitely ours!  I know we still have to wait longer for more paperwork and visas and traveling plans but at least for now I have videos and pictures to keep me sane and praying for this little child to be safe and healthy till Daddy and I can come get him.  The kids are SO excited for there little brother and pray for him every night.  When Easton found out he was having a brother I told him he will be sharing bunk beds with you now and you are in charge in the middle of the night if he needs comforting.  He told me “Mama I will take care of him. I got this!”  He is beyond happy to get a brother. The girls are happy but not as happy has there brother.  I feel overwhelm love from you all reaching out and saying how happy they are for us.  Keep him in yours prayers and to get him soon!

Thank you for the support!

Thank you for the support!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has supported us so far.  We could not go through this adventure without the love and support of our friends and families.  You don’t realize how valuable even the smallest little comment can be when we may be struggling through some aspect of the process.

You all are always so quick to jump in with your support at every single stage of the process.  As we get closer to actually bringing our child home, and helping them transition into this new life we know you will all be there to help us provide all of the love and support that we will need.

A huge thanks as well to those who have helped support us financially.  We have received donations from people we have never even met in person, and the support has been incredibly valuable.  At the end of last year we did a fundraiser selling some T-shirts (see the picture above) that I personally think look totally awesome.  We will likely be doing another run in the next month or two so if you would like us to send you a reminder when we do please send us an email or leave a comment, or get a hold of us in some other way.

Thanks again for all of the support, and standby for some very exciting news.


Today is a day where being a mother rocks, because feeling the happiness inside me that we are finally going to be matched with a child is the greatest reward.  We have waited since the first of April with waiting, paperwork, and more waiting! Our agency CCAI has rocked it this whole time. This process kicks me in the butt sometimes and I don’t feel equipped for this but The lord keeps me on the path that he took me for a reason and I can’t wait till this child is in my arms.  Today is happiness in my heart and thinking about this child saying “Not to much longer, we are almost there” keeps me sane.

One More Step up the Neverending Adoption Staircase

All of our paperwork is in!

I know we have talked about how much paperwork is involved in this adoption process, and I am happy to say that it is all in now.  The last form was the I-800A from US Customs and Immigration that is now just being certified and then everything can be translated and sent to China.

This is super exciting for us as we anxiously try and complete this process before we leave Japan sometime next year.  There is still a good amount of waiting as the Chinese Government approves our application and we actually get paired with a child, but it is super exciting to be one step closer.

Sometimes I can’t believe that I am actually going to have four kids.  I am one step closer to my goal of five. (Just kidding Amanda).

It never ceases to amaze me how much love you can have for a group of people.  When you get married it is hard to understand how you could possibly have more room for love, and then you have your first kid and that capacity expands, and just continues to do so with each subsequent kid.

They each have their unique challenges and learning opportunities but I can’t imagine my life without each and every one of them.  I know that exactly the same thing will happen with this new child, and that the unique challenges we will face will only work to strengthen our love and affection for each other.

Big step in adoption

Most people who have never adopted wouldn’t know this is a big step on our adoption process but are homestudy was finally approved and they sent on our I-800A form and they cashed the check for it so now it will be waiting for the paperwork sent to us and then we have to mail it back to our agency so they can finally complete our Dossier to mail it off to China. I cannot wait to finally have the paperwork over there and officially be LID (locked in data) so we can finally be matched with a child. I really feel we are supposed to have a boy. Dave teases me all the time that it is to be a girl. I think it is fun to have our adoption as a surprise as none of my pregnancies were. So pray for us and hope we will have our dossier there by latest December and can get this child before we leave japan next year.  What are your guesses of what we will get?